What’s in My Rack (April 2018)

March is coming to a close and I’m in need of changing up my lab.

I have a Toshiba NAS that’s 5 years old and although it doesn’t show signs of failure, I want to get it replaced before it does.
I also have a SAMBA file server, Dell T310 for Proxmox lab, and 2 desktops systems in the rack.

For my workstations, I have 2 Win7, 1 Win10 & 1 iMac.

The plan for April is to:

  • move 1 desktop (used for drive wiping) to the workbench.
  • create a new file & media server to replace the Toshiba and current file server
  • put my W10 workstation in the rack

My linux desktop for the time being is SparkyLinux.