Living with Windows 10

Ok, you’ve gotten yourself Windows 10. Either by choice or by force, you got it.  Now, how do you live with it?

There are a few changes to your computing habits you might consider:
* you don’t have to use a Microsoft Account to login, you can use a local account,
forgoing saving anything on their cloud servers. (This reduces MS and their partners from
accessing and using your files).

* Forget Cortana. There is a great program from SpyBot called Anti-Beacon.
This gives you some of the control of your privacy back.
However, it must be run at every restart to make sure MS didn’t turn something back on.

* What about my programs? Did MS remove a program you just installed? yup.

Time to go portable. I create a folder (on the desktop) and put the portable versions of the programs I want to use and keep in there.
ie: CCleaner, 7Zip etc.  Since they are not in the system registry, MS can’t uninstall them.

* want to go one further?  Create a separate folder and put VeraCrypt Portable in it. Create an
encrypted volume to store your portable programs in, including your favorite browser.

* Don’t rely on MS for your security.  No matter how secure they say they are, their new Edge browser has the same issues as IE. It’s part of the OS itself, therefore any vulnerability that comes through Edge gets directly through to the OS.  Use a different (portable) browser, Use TOP rated Anti-Virus/Malware programs (tested at independent labs ie: AV-Comparatives & AVTest).

I will be making a list of recommended W10 programs soon.

SpyBot Anti Beacon:

BitDefender AV:

BitDefender Anti-CryptoWall:

BitDefender USB Immunizer:





Portable Apps: