Safety Procedures

How we keep all of us safe.

All work is done by remote when possible.

When that's not possible, machines can go to the lab or we can go to your office for repairs.  Everyone must be following the Colorado State Guidelines.
 (Gloves and masks required plus 6 foot minimum distance at all times)
For hardware repairs that go to the lab:
We will pick up your machine only if absolutely neccesary for repairs.  
*Note- Machines that are excessivly dirty (ie machines with pet hair, cigarette smoke, water damage etc) may be placed in quarrantine before repairs can begin.
At time of pick up, you will need to place the machine at least 6 feet away from your building. You need to be wearing face mask and gloves (per Colorado State guidelines).
All surfaces of the machine will need wiped down with a cleaning agent that can kill Covid-19 (ie 70%+ ISO).
Then the machine will be placed in a plastic bag and placed in transport vehicle.
When at the lab, all equipment will get wiped down again. 

Once repairs are completed, arrangements will be made to deliver it back to you, with the same wipe-down procedures.

For on site repairs:

We prefer to minimize contact with as many people as possible. We can arrange for repair times to be after hours, weekends, closed days etc.

We will have our own protective gear and cleaners.