HIPPA programs research- TLDR edition

Office Suites
There are two types of suites, ofline and cloud based. Of these, 
only the 2 Cloud based programs will provide a BAA with their subscriptions to the suites. 
Microsoft Office 365 - E5 edition for Healthcare
Google Gsuites Business

Both provide same type of apps, Word/Docs, Excell/spreadsheets etc.
Both provide Video Chat, conferenciing, meetings, collaborative tools.
Cost:  GSuite per seat license is (as of the time of this research) $6+/mo
MSO365-E5 per seat license is $57/mo
($144/year vs $684/year)
Integration:  Integrating with tablets and phones (Android) is seamless with GSuite.
MSO however, takes a bit to do.
Security and Compliance: Both will provide BAA contracts. 
are secure connections throughout.
Microsoft EULA and BAA state that they will not be held liable for any breach of data, even if it's their fault.
Both have legal and PR teams that will ensure their victory in the courts of law and public opinion.
Both have sketchy business proctices.
Conclusion:  So it's realy a choice of the lesser of 2 evils here.
If you HAVE to have MS branded suite, you can opt for the E5, or the E3 (no Teams) and mix with the GSuite Basic ($6/mo)
If you're a one-horse operation and need low cost and light hardware requirements, GSuite is the way to go.

Video Conferencing

Zoom, Hangouts / Meet, Teams, Doxy.me, GoToMeeting, Thera-link, TheraNest, SimplePractice, VSee.
There are a lot of apps available out there for healthcare.  Some of the biggest concerns are cost and capacity.  Every small business is watching their bottom line.  But you don't always get what you pay for here.
Of these listed, Hangouts and Teams are includedin the suites above.
The Hangouts (free version) is not secured. You need the basic GSuite to get added security.
Zoom is very popular these days, especially for free.  They have a very large infrastructure to handle the heavy load this pandemic has created. OH BUT WAIT!!!  Zoom isn't secure in the free version, and their datacenters are/were sending the overload traffic to their China Datacenters. (just check the news)  If you want Zoom for Healthcare, that's $200/month.
Doxy.me: according to my clients that use it, it's a decent app for the price, but infrastructure isn't very good. 
GoToMeeting by LogMeIn. Great price at $12/mo.  Service is better than Doxy, but their datacenters were heavily strained in this crisis. Great reputation. I don't recall any news about data breaches in the last few years.
The others in the list neither I nor my client hade any experience wiith.
Personally, we use Google Meet for $6/mo (Gsuite basic package, with BAA signed)