Self Support & Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance Issues YOU can do to keep
your PC running well:
Keep your PC clean and dust free. It looks good and it reduces the risk of overheating. Depending upon your environment, your PC should have the dust blown out of it monthly. (fans, Power supply, intake & Exhaust vents, CPU cooling system)
Anti-Virus updates: Manually check for updates to your AV software, then run a full scan. Always good to double check, in case the auto up dater isn’t working.
Cleaning Trash: Run System Ninja or BleachBit program, delete all spy ware found on system.
Run defrag utility (if you are using a mechanical spinning drive, not SSD).
Add Power protection to AC and data lines to your PC with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Make sure to get one that matches or exceeds your system power supply. (300Watt Power supply in case=300 watt UPS)

Things to stay away from:
Peer to Peer sharing programs are commonly transfer viruses, malware and other security breakers. (ie: Limewire, torrents,)