Summer Cleaning

Well, it’s Father’s day weekend and I was cleaning out my storage.

For my existing clients only!

I found 2 laptops that are now up for sale at $100 each:

  1. ASUS K60IJ w: Win7 Home 64bit sp1, 2gb ram, 320gb hdd, Intel Dual Core T4300
  2. Toshiba Satellite L455D w: Win 7 home sp1, AMD Sempron SI-42, 4gb ram, 250gb hdd,

I also found several (identical) desktop computers without hard drives.¬† These I’ll call my “builder specials” @$100.

Main chassis: MATX case and mainboard, Intel E6600 dual core cpu, 2 gb ddr3 dual density ram, 300w ps, DVDrw

Add-ons will include:

  • new hdd (price varies based on brand, size and avail, max of 2 drives) $50+ea
  • 450 watt ps: $50
  • additional ram at $25 /2gb stick (max of 4 sticks total)
  • Video card (price varies based on brand, size and avail) $50+

Call or write me if you are interested.