Your Neighborhood Technician

Most repairs are under $100.00!
Labor Flat – Rate (for larger projects)

Compare our rates! We believe in being up-front with our prices, so you don’t have to guess
what a repair will cost.

Our On-Site Flat labor Rate is $80.00/Hr.

In-Shop Rate is $45.00/Hr.

(Compare to the 3 big-box store techs @$145+/hr)

Virus repairs:

Restore to factory, update windows security patches, (no tuning, data recovery etc): $75

Quarantine drive, A/V scans, backup & restore important data, Reload OS to Factory w/ OS patches: $150

Quarantine drive, A/V scans, backup & restore important data, Reload OS, patch, tune and Full protection suite: $200

Deep level data recovery of hard drive data: $100+ $.25/gb of drive space

  • Multi root-level scans
  • Repair registry
  • Malware, spy ware & virus removal
  • OS security updates
  • Performance Tuning
  • Update/replace current AV program with 1 of 3 top rated Programs
  • Update/replace system maintenance programs

Tune Up: $50.00

  • Remove unused, malicious, and bad software
  • Install all security updates & patches
  • Upgrade/replace all maintenance utilities
  • Performance tune startup, services, etc
  • Training on how to perform maintenance

Reload OS, Re-image drive, Change OS: $100.00

  • Includes Full Tuning (a $50 value)
  • All drivers included

Home Network Setup: $100

  • Install and configure all modems & routers
  • Setup network printers
  • Configure all desktops, laptops, tablets
  • Install any NICs* as needed

Home Server Install: $100.00

  • [Hardware not included]
    Install and configure personal server
    Cloud/Internet based or isolated