My thoughts on Windows 10, etc

Win10 has been out for a month now and it seems to be a never ending story of hidden “undocumented features”.  If you have any privacy concerns, don’t use W10.

So, what do you do? What are the options?
Switch platforms (Mac, Chrome or Linux), or stick with the old (W7 or 8/8.1).

If you’re like me, you are heavily vested in products that only run on windows.
I am now using 2 desktop systems. One with win7, the other LXLE linux.
I use my Win7 for games ( I do a lot of racing games only available on Windows).
my encryption programs, web design and desktop publishing tools.

I use LXLE for web browsing, email, skype, writing.

Is this an ideal? no. Ideally, everyone would have one system that did everything.
It’s human nature to go with the familiar and easy system they are used to.
Dual booting is a pain, switching back and forth several times a day.

You could run linux as the main OS, and install windows in a virtual machine.
You would need a good mid-level pc.  (most low end pcs don’t have the horsepower to run this effectively, and windows games won’t run, well).

How do you stay secure, if you’re staying with Win7 etc?
Updates: get the “important” updates, but disable the “recommended and all other Microsoft product” updates.
Antivirus etc: Use top rated, not most popular products. Avira and Bitdefender have the highest
test scores around.  In addition, I use MalwareBytes anti Exploit (real time anti malware).
DNS: I use open dns IPs,,

Scan your computer weekly.
Create a “cold Storage” back up weekly.
If something does go wrong, you can recover.

Browsing: Firefox or chrome, NEVER use IE.
Use SandboxIE to run your Firefox/Chrome in a safe sandbox.
(downloading files takes a bit of getting used to. Moving files from the sandboxed download folder to a non sandboxed area for long term storage).

“If I do all this, will my pc be safe?”
The reality is that the only safe computer is an un-connected one.
This will protect your pc from the bulk of the crap out there, but it’s not an open invitation to
go drudging through thew sewers of the internet.

We all need  good internet practices.
When checking email, never-ever click on links in the emails.
Here is a great article on wikihow: