How to Switch from Comodo

Well it looks like Comodo has lost it’s credibility with their program “PrivDog”,

A tool that is bundled with most of their products (AV suites and browsers).

Come to find out in the last 3 days that it’s actually breaking the security of

your browsers and faking the security certificates.

In layman’s terms, the HTTPS pages you’ve been going to, (your bank etc)

are not actually using your bank’s SSL certificate, instead using their own

generated, signed and managed by itself, and creating a MitM security hole.

Which makes Comodo, the “Man in the Middle” monitoring all your internet


So what do we do about it?  Here is what I did:

First step: uninstalled PrivDog and PrivDog2 from computer.

Next step: replace browsers.

I used my existing browser, Comodo IceDragon, and went to and got

Chrome, then went to and got Firefox.  Then went to

and downloaded their free AV (will be used later, and I will be purchasing their
class program.)

In both Comodo Dragon and IceDragon, I exported the bookmarks to html files.

In IceDragon, I had an old plugin that let me export my passwords to a csv file.

Installed Firefox and Chrome. Then imported the Bookmarks.html files.

In firefox, I had to find the new plugin that let me import my passwords.csv file.

Once verified that it worked, I uninstalled the Dragon and IceDragon browsers.

Next step: replacing the AV suite.

This gets a bit tricky, as it remove the custom DNS server numbers from your

network interface properties, leaving you disconnected from the internet!

I manually went to my network properties, changed the IPv4 DNS setting to

OpenDNS servers: &

Uninstalled Comodo Internet Security. (restarted system).

Installed BitDefender free (another restart)

Using the new browser, I went directly to and downloaded

the sandboxie program using the direct link, not the secondary providers.

Installed and tested the sandboxie program worked with my browsers and bitdefender.

BitDefender did a quick scan, but I started a full scan just to be sure.

All appears to be running OK and I plan on a full reload next month anyway.


Places to go:

— Update Feb 27 9am:

Just an FYI, the PrivDog version (browser plugin) that is included in the
CAV, CIS, Dragon, IceDragon, & Chromium Secure, did not have the flaw
that the stand alone install of PrivDog, PrivDog2 had. Comodo did release
an update (PrivDog3) that fixes the flaw. However I wouldn’t use PrivDog
in any form.

There are NO known security flaws found in their Anti Virus suites.