Happy Presidents Day

It’s February 20th, 2017 and I’m taking this day to focus on making ShadeTree PC (and it’s parts) work better.  I’ll be creating a support ticket system for clients and myself to use so fewer tasks get left Read more

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New Laboratory area

We are opening up our Laboratory area this week!

A long time in the making, our Labs area is where we have been building custom PCs for years. Now it’s open to the public.

We offer pre-configured and full Read more

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More woes for Comodo Anti Virus


Comodo Internet Security Removed From MajorGeeks Downloads

With all the problems I’ve had with Comodo over the past year, this doesn’t surprise me. I used to really like the Comodo line of producs, but they have become bloated, Read more

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My thoughts on Windows 10, etc

Win10 has been out for a month now and it seems to be a never ending story of hidden “undocumented features”.  If you have any privacy concerns, don’t use W10.

So, what do you do? What are the Read more

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salvage HP

First system out of the salvage yard is an HP Pro3000mt promo

  • E6600 Duo dual core Intel
  • 2gb ddr3 10600 w/ 3 more slots available
  • 160gb SATA
  • DVDRW w/ lightscribe
  • Win 7 Pro 64bit sp1
  • Win 10 compatible
  • kb Read more
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Summer Cleaning

Well, it’s Father’s day weekend and I was cleaning out my storage.

For my existing clients only!

I found 2 laptops that are now up for sale at $100 each:

  1. ASUS K60IJ w: Win7 Home 64bit sp1, 2gb ram, Read more
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A bit of an update

It’s April. It’s a snowstorm in Colorado.

It’s a good time to get some updates posted.

Comodo has fixed alot of it’s PrivDog issues, but I still would not have PrivDog installed.

I do have Comodo AV on one Read more

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How to Switch from Comodo

Well it looks like Comodo has lost it’s credibility with their program “PrivDog”,

A tool that is bundled with most of their products (AV suites and browsers).

Come to find out in the last 3 days that it’s actually Read more

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2015 picks for AntiVirus

This past few weeks I’ve been going over the Anti Virus test lab results and testing the top picks.

AS most of you know, I’ve been quite a fan of Comodo, but due to a few clients having critical Read more

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Closing out 2014, ringing in 2015

Well, 2014 is finally over.  I’ll be spending most of this weekend closing the accounting books and finishing up some last minute emergency repairs.

I’ve been reflecting on the biggest issues, and solutions, that I’ve dealt with this Read more

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