About Us

We are born and raised right here in Colorado.
We offer quality customer service and low rates.
Relaxed & stress free.
Over 15 years experience designing, building and repairing computers and servers for individuals and businesses.

I’ve been building and repairing computers since the mid ’90’s, back when Windows 95, NT 4 and Amiga Workbench 1.3 was all the rage.

My first gig’s started with network administration for local finance and real-estate firms.¬† Since those days, I’ve gotten my A+ Cert, built more computers than I can count,
build dozens of web sites, and built and maintained many corporate servers.

I believe in finding the right solution for the task at hand. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right the first time.¬† However, i know stuff happens, and I’m
constantly learning, studying and adapting to change.



My wife April brings style, design and color coordination (amongst other things) to ShadeTreePC. She is also my proofreader and feedback consultant.



Consultants & Sub Contractors

We partner with a few, specific individuals who lend their talents to ShadeTree PC when a job is outside my (Tom’s) skill set.

ie: custom WP PHP/MySQL programs, network cabling jobs (2+ person jobs), security testing, marketing materials etc.