2015 picks for AntiVirus

This past few weeks I’ve been going over the Anti Virus test lab results and testing the top picks.

AS most of you know, I’ve been quite a fan of Comodo, but due to a few clients having critical issues

between Comodo AV and particular “specialized” software, so we had to find a different solution.

My top 3 Freeware picks are:

  1. Avira
  2. BitDefender
  3. Comodo

Avira has changed significantly in the past year to a much smaller program, and the “nagware” screen no longer takes over the entire screen.
It now has a much simplified interface.

BitDefender, like Avira, is small, nearly silent, and deadly to viruses. It is registerware, 1 email address per install.  If you have several devices,
they do have commercial versions, family packs etc that can cover all devices (android, mac, windows, nix etc).

Comodo A/V, and Internet Security Suites offer the same high level of security, a revised interface (version 8) but I still think is a bit complex
for the average user. The interface can be a bit overwhelming for the non-geek.  The IS suite also includes a great firewall. Both come bundled with
Dragon browser (custom version of Chrome) which also provides you a Virtual (sandboxed) Dragon, and GeekBuddy, which is their support chat client
which is not free.  There are also LOTS of checkboxes during install, and can be very confusing for novices to Comodo.

Ok, so lets say you have been using Comodo and want to switch to Avira of BitDefender.  If you don’t use the Virtual mode Dragon, there is no problem.
However, if you do use the Virtual Mode, it will go away when you uninstall the Comodo suite.

There are workarounds.

  1. Leave Comodo installed and don’t switch
  2. Leave Comodo installed, but set to “disabled” mode, add new primary AV program
  3. Replace Comodo with new AV program, use VirtualBox or VMWare to create a virtual machine for your browsing

Other great add-ons to better secure your computer:

  • MalwareBytes Anti Exploit
  • Comodo Firewall
  • Cold storage backup (removable SATA, NAS or USB drive)