Web & Server Hosting

We provide a service on a subscription basis.
You are responsible for the content on your website.
We don’t allow any form of porn, adult content, illegal drug use/paraphernalia,
illegal activity including “black hat” hacking information, hate speech, BitCoin Mining, nor torrents.
You are responsible for paying your subscription.
We send out renewal notices 30 days prior to renewal date, so please keep your information up to date.
All content YOU upload to your site is your property.
Anything you upload to our server that adversely effects it’s performance or security (ie malicious or poorly written code)
must be removed or fixed within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in suspension until corrected.
Any site found to have prohibited content will be suspended temporarily until changed or account closed.
We do our best to keep our servers clean, tidy and secure. From time to time we do server upgrades and
may change features related to your account. Server updates and maintenance outages will be
posted publicly as well as sent to all account owners by email.
Thanks, Tom Jarvis – CEO