Here are just a few reasons not to trust what MS is telling us.

The truth is Win 10 is not free. It is a “privacy” supported OS.
You trade your privacy (what you say (voice, type etc), do,
and where you go is all monitored my MS to do with as they please,
including selling that information to advertisers (demographic information)
and governments.

Keep in mind, that this “free” upgrade has a time limit. What happens after that time limit has expired?
It will become a subscription service, where you will have to pay annually, per device.

Make no mistake, Microsoft is a for-proffit business.  Their shareholders want to see profits every quarter.
The higher the profits, the more likely the CEO and the other staff will keep their jobs.
MS would not give anything away if they didn’t have a (financial) reason for it.

Don’t get my attitude wrong either. i like Windows. I like a lot of MS products.
I think the idea of having one OS for the entire MS ecosystem is a great idea.
It would cut my time down a lot (as a technician) if all my clients were on one OS.

My beef with MS is with their constant deception and lies about what they are doing,
all in the name of “it for your own good” or “just in case”.

That’s why I’m switching most of my systems over to Linux.
Linux development has come a LONG way in the last 10 years.
I do have to keep one or 2 windows systems around because I use
Windows only software that I can’t get away from.  (but those machines won’t get Win10).

My Linux OS’s of prefer depend on the purpose and the machine’s hardware.
Porteus Kiosk for low end systems.
LXLE is a great OS for older, low resource systems.
LinuxMint is a more robust OS and has more drivers for hardware support.
Robolinux for “workstation” level or better hardware.
Take a look at the Linux options here:

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