Our SOHO network rebuild

What’s in my rack this week?

We have some major changes coming to the lab this month.
With Windows 7 being retired, and a need to be more involved in Mac support,
we are:

  • adding an iMac
  • changing main workstation to LinuxMint MATE 18.2
  • Gaming system being upgraded to Windows 10
  • R&D area will be building Hackin—sh machines
  • All other machines will be a mix of Windows 10 and Linux systems
    (LXLE, elementaryOS & Fedora)

In the “Rack” will be:

  • AD File server
  • Media Server
  • KororaProject kiosk
  • LinuxMint MATE 18.2 HP chassis for diags and testing

This change will give us a broader scope and range of support.