It’s May and there is a new Windows 10 release (1803)

So, what does this mean? If you aare running Win10, you got a BIG download and update coming your way. Good news is if you have several PCs that need updated, they can updated with a usb drive (to Read more

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Our SOHO network rebuild

What’s in my rack this week?

We have some major changes coming to the lab this month. With Windows 7 being retired, and a need to be more involved in Mac support, we are:

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Windows 10CE support

With Windows 7 coming near it’s end of life (approx 2 years), Windows 10 has finally became a contender for our office.

We will be upgrading most of our Windows systems to W10CE (Creative Edition) in the coming months. Read more

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May 13 Worldwide Virus infection

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Windows 10 in 2017

Well, it’s been a year of W10.  Where are we at with Microsoft’s OS?

From my observations, it works quite well, if you bought a new machine, or have only approved hardware (HCL).  If you are using Read more

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Living with Windows 10

Ok, you’ve gotten yourself Windows 10. Either by choice or by force, you got it.  Now, how do you live with it?

There are a few changes to your computing habits you might consider: * you don’t have Read more

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Windows 10 Problems

Here are just a few reasons not to trust what MS is telling us.

The truth is Win 10 is not free. It is a “privacy” supported OS. You trade your privacy (what you say (voice, type etc), do, Read more

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