March is coming to a close and I’m in need of changing up my lab.

I have a Toshiba NAS that’s 5 years old and although it doesn’t show signs of failure, I want to get it replaced before it does.
I also have a SAMBA file server, Dell T310 for Proxmox lab, and 2 desktops systems in the rack.

For my workstations, I have 2 Win7, 1 Win10 & 1 iMac.

The plan for April is to:

  • move 1 desktop (used for drive wiping) to the workbench.
  • create a new file & media server to replace the Toshiba and current file server
  • put my W10 workstation in the rack

My linux desktop for the time being is SparkyLinux.

What’s in my rack this week?

We have some major changes coming to the lab this month.
With Windows 7 being retired, and a need to be more involved in Mac support,
we are:

  • adding an iMac
  • changing main workstation to LinuxMint MATE 18.2
  • Gaming system being upgraded to Windows 10
  • R&D area will be building Hackin—sh machines
  • All other machines will be a mix of Windows 10 and Linux systems
    (LXLE, elementaryOS & Fedora)

In the “Rack” will be:

  • AD File server
  • Media Server
  • KororaProject kiosk
  • LinuxMint MATE 18.2 HP chassis for diags and testing

This change will give us a broader scope and range of support.


It’s February 20th, 2017 and I’m taking this day to focus on making ShadeTree PC (and it’s parts)
work better.  I’ll be creating a support ticket system for clients and myself to use so fewer tasks get
left behind.

Other items of interest is,
where we will soon see dedicated game servers being offered.

More info will be coming as we get closer to opening day.

I hope everyone reading this has a great Presidents Day!

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