August 19 updates and info

Changes current and upcoming.

I have been using Windows 10 as my primary OS for several months, and still wouldn’t recommend the “off the shelf” version.
I do a lot of tweaking to lock it down before I start using it daily.

What’s in my rack? update

  • Main data server is now Neth server in bay 1
  • MX 17 desktop and storage area for videos in bay 2
  • Bay 3 is reserverd for re-imaging different pcs
  • Bay 4 is a Dell Poweredge Proxmox server

Web Servers in Mississippi are being shut down at the end of this month.  All account have been, or are in process, of moving to more stable locations.

Infrastructural updates  for ShadeTree:

I’ve added a CMS system for better tracking of tasks for each client.  Hopefully less forgetfulness and more completed tasks.

Mod development:

Alexi Rhaan is dusting off the old GTR2 mods he made over the past decade and rebuilding them for AMS.